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Hillington Park Presentation Video

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MEPC, owners of Hillington Park, approached us to create a “one-off” four-minute presentation for a PR launch linked to its 75th anniversary. The presentation would play to a large number of key stakeholders, giving them some background of the business estate’s strong history, current success and exciting future, with tens of millions of pounds’ worth of investment planned. The presentation was also required to build pride within the Park community, highlighting the culture and importance of the estate in people’s lives.


In this project we had to think laterally. The only assets we had to portray the estate’s history were old black-and-white photographs of 1930’s factories, which weren’t visually pleasing. Instead, we animated the first sequence in glorious art deco illustration. This led onto a representation of today’s estate using  photography of current tenants and businesses, before concluding with a visualisation of the future through artists’ impressions of the development to come.

The animation was designed to run over  “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé  (the track on our website is library music due to licensing restrictions) which really gave charisma and power to the entire presentation.

The presentation was coded in FLASH, which meant we could export it to a wide variety of formats for future distribution if required.


The client was excited with the end result. The mixture of bespoke animation, photography, graphics and soundtrack fully engaged the audience, and was the highlight of the evening. The applause and cheers at the close of the presentation topped things off better than even we could have expected.

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