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Haverhill Research Park

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Haverhill Research Park (HRP) in Haverhill is at the most southern point in the Cambridge Science and Technology Cluster.

In 2015 the park had reached a point where it was ready to build on having full landscaping and infrastructure in place, a busy pub and restaurant running on site and the September opening of a Montessori Colourbox Nursery on site.

It was therefore considered that the old brand did not reflect what was now a considerable opportunity in the cluster and Impact were invited to share our thoughts on what could be done.


Impact know the Cambridge area well having, worked in the Science and Technology Park sector since 2008.

Whilst we had always known of Haverhill Research Park the old brand had never really reflected it as competition to other parks in the area and the Haverhill location had never been fully argued.

This was now a completely false representation of the actual product on offer. We established that the Haverhill story needed to be told from macro to micro and that the four design and build opportunities at the park were exceptional. Combined with this, the cost incentive from local government needed to be argued in a positive, not apologetic way.

From a brand perspective we needed to elevate and overtake all other parks in the area and Jaynic invested in the creation of a quite simply beautiful brand, and brand material that positions it in line with the best in the area.

A comprehensive story, a superb identity and the production of quality photography, printed and digital material has placed HRP exactly where it should be. A strong brand and credible place for blue chip organisations to locate.


The brand has only just launched, however, it has been exceptionally well received in the market and it is agreed. HRP is now firmly on the Cambridge Radar.


Impact’s strategic insight into reflecting our parks proposition accurately in the region, then positioning it perfectly through creative and design excellence, set them apart from other agencies.¬†Nic Rumsey. Managing Director.

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