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In 2012, American company BioMed Realty purchased Granta Park. With new joint owners TWI, it asked Impact to create a new corporate identity and suite of marketing communications material for the Park.

As well as stamping their ownership on the Estate, the partners wanted the new identity to be fresh, exciting and inspiring, not only its target market and the Cambridge science cluster, but also the 2,000+ community working at the park.


In 2008 we had rebranded the Park, with the previous owners spending several months on Granta Park’s brand strategy including proposition, position and personality. The new owners agreed that all the previous brand work was still relevant to its market.

We felt this was a rare opportunity to apply four years of reflection, as well as vast experience of the brand, to create something completely new and fresh.

We began with the logo, colour palette, font and typography. Once these were agreed, we developed a wide range of marketing communications material to promote the Park. We also produced a range of internal communications to enhance day-to-day administration, including  Fitness Suite Packs, an A-Z of Park life (Z-Card), a Green Travel Guide and even Bus Tickets for the Park’s own commuter buses.


The client is confident they have a brand identity that has allowed them to take “brand ownership” of the estate whilst maintaining the integrity of the positive asset they had purchased. The population of the estate have openly commented on their approval of the identity change and continue to support the culture of the Park.


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