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In July 2014 Impact was advised by St John Ambulance that all marketing communications material for both first aid and health & safety training, as well as their supplies offering was to undergo a complete brand identity refresh. The striking new identity was untested in through-the-line material and St John were confident that Impact, a partner for 18 years, were the team to set the standards of the new identity integration at the highest levels.


Impact produced base designs for a wide range of material using the identity in its purest form to obtain maximum visual effect. With a bold colour palate and range of graphic devices, the identity could have potentially been over used. Impacts maturity and clean approach to design was to keep all elements in their simplest and purest form, letting the striking colour palate speak for itself. Photo shoots were held to re-establish the image library in the new style and the transformation is near completion.


Across corporate literature, direct mail, catalogues, advertising and digital communications the identity has been used to superb effect and in under a year the quality of the brand identity has been faithfully installed across a wide selection of marketing platforms. Impact have set the standard for the use for the identity to an extremely high level, once again raising the bar for this nationally recognised brand.

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