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Armourcoat Signature Collection

Launch Campaign and Website

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Armourcoat is the world’s foremost supplier of polished plaster, sculptural effects and innovative surface finishes. Over the last 30 years it’s been used on prestigious architectural interiors worldwide.

To celebrate this achievement, Armourcoat wished to launch an exclusive range of high-end finishes developed by founder and creative director Duncan MacKellar.

Impact was briefed to name and brand the range, as well as produce an advertising campaign and suite of marketing material to introduce it to discerning architects and specifiers.


We first identified the brand architecture as being a potential issue for the future. We created the overall “Duncan MacKellar” brand, with the sub-brand “Signature Collection” allowing for future range releases with their own name and place  in the brand structure.

With the brand and identity designed, we produced a range of creative ideas  for the advertising campaign. The chosen route  “I’m proud to put my name on it” required an art-directed photo shoot of Duncan in four fashion styles that worked seamlessly with each of the four finishes. This echoed the high-end, hand-crafted quality of the products, and the man behind them.

We also created a carefully designed motion website and direct mail piece to present the new brand to the market.


Two months into its release the range had received excellent awareness and enquiries were being received. The quality of the campaign and marketing material were also warmly received by the market as positively reflecting the product and brand.


The Signature Collection campaign by Impact was a textbook example of how they immerse themselves in a brief – translating and managing the design process across print and digital media with confidence and clarity. Impact were sensitive to the unique demands of the project, our brand positioning and heritage. Working with a design team whose creativity consistently surpasses your expectations made the whole process a thoroughly rewarding collaboration. Daniel Nevitt, Group Marketing Director, Armourcoat.


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