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West Kent Housing Association

Anti-Social Behaviour Campaign

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West Kent Housing Association, which manages some 6,500 homes across Kent, has a responsibility to its tenants to deal with anti-social behaviour.
We were asked to help with an awareness campaign to target known problem areas. It was important to strike the correct balance between educating offenders, and promoting tolerance among those affected.


We created a range of literature and display material with differing creative approaches in order to get the message across clearly and concisely.
The main messages – ‘Put Yourself in Their Shoes’ and ‘Shhh…have a word with yourself’ – were chosen from a range of initial concepts because their visual approach and tone-of-voice were judged ideal for the target audience.


The client noticed a reduction in complaints and received positive feedback from local residents. Comparing reports for certain issues in the three months before launching the campaign with the three months after shows a 43% reduction.


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