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Brand Identity and Website Re-design

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Our brief was fairly clear. Give us the WOW Factor in our Market!

Caremark Franchises is a longstanding operator in the Home Care Franchise sector and required us to create a fresh identity, which would immediately appeal to and attract serious investors, with the necessary skills and managerial expertise.

Whilst they desired the brand identity to be transformed, they required the logo itself to remain unchanged due to its extensive use across the franchise.

Caremark were also determined to reduce the content of the site and appeal more to Google in download speed and mobile friendliness, which currently stood at 59/100 and 71/100 respectively.


We advised, that to create the WOW factor a total rethink of all of the elements of the brand identity were required, save of course the logo.

We stripped back and rewrote the message of the site to three simple messages with the home page conveying the whole story in short form.

We extended the colour palate considerably, introduced engaging people portraits with messaging focusing on the business and social case for entering this very important franchise that affect real lives.

The resultant brand identity and messaging was simple, engaging, warm and definitely WOW.

The website is fully content managed and responsive looking as good on the mobile as it does on the desktop, and advertising and marketing material were simple to develop from such a strong design concept.


The brand transformation and website were launched at the Caremark Annual Conference in January and incredibly well received.

It has reached its mark and on going will be rolled out through all of the marketing material.

Whilst the new look is still young, one thing we can give facts on is the website from Google’s point of view! Up from 71% to 100% for mobile friendliness and from 59% to 100% for mobile speed.


“I’ve worked with Impact’s MD, Wayne Hall, in the past so I know that he is very knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

The bonus was in discovering that the rest of the team were so quick off the mark. From day one, they showed a real grasp of what Caremark is and what we wanted to achieve. They came up with several excellent ideas, any one of which could have been a winner if it had been a competitive bid.

The re-designed website retains the well-known and original Caremark logo but puts it within a completely new environment that includes retina graphics and development twists to improve the user experience.

David Glover. Franchise Recruitment Manager.

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