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Advertising & Promotion


There’s no escape from advertising. It surrounds us – in the newspapers we read, the websites we visit and the TV we watch. Even when we’re on the move it’s in our pockets, on our laps, on the bus or in the tube station, on the street and in the air. With new technologies and emerging markets this trend is only going to increase.

There’s a simple reason for it. Competition for market share, be it in brand awareness or direct sales, is harder than ever before. Today there’s a multitude of advertising channels to explore both on and offline. Consumers have never had so much choice and such direct access to the products they want, so immediately and constantly.

If you have a product or service, you have to promote it or your audience won’t know it exists. And if you don’t do it continuously they will quickly forget and move on. Just look at Coca-Cola, Virgin or Nike: big brands that have become part of the fabric of society, yet continue to spend money and time on advertising and promoting their services and products across all channels.

However, not all channels are relevant to every business. For example, if you have a product intended for a very niche market, advertising on TV or in the national press might be impressive but would you see a return on your investment? Probably not. A more tailored, carefully planned and targeted campaign would no doubt yield better results.

This is where we can make a difference. We’ll identify the channels that are relevant to your business and where you’re most likely to connect with your target audience, both on and offline. We’ll then create an integrated campaign that delivers your message clearly and creatively to generate an increase in brand awareness, sales or both. Your campaign could include press advertising, tv commercials, posters, billboards, bus sides, leaflets, signage, point of sale displays, exhibition stands, packaging, web banners, micro sites, Google adwords, social media and more. Our creative team create advertising and promotional campaigns that will promote your product or service with impact that reaches your audience, wherever they might be.