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We all know the first place most people go when looking for a product or service is the internet. However, while you probably have a website, does it grab people’s attention and drive them to make an enquiry or a purchase? Or are they confused by the navigation or layout, or turned off by the site’s design entirely? It’s all too easy to go back to the search results and select the next option if you’re not happy with what you are presented with.

When you discover a website that looks great and is simple to navigate, you feel more inclined to engage with it to make an enquiry or a purchase.

But which site format best suits your business? Do you need a static site, a content managed system, a site that you can sell from, or a combination? In case you’re unsure what they are, here’s a brief overview:

Static site – essentially an information portal that allows your audience to view details of your products or the services you offer. They can’t purchase through the site, and you won’t be able to update it yourself.

Content Managed System (CMS) – This puts you in direct control of your website. You’ll be able to amend, add, or delete content, manage products and more at your own discretion through a secure administrator interface.

E-Commerce – This can be a static site, but more often than not it will be content-managed. E-commerce functions allow your customers to purchase your products or services and make payments directly through your website.

At impact we use all our technical expertise and digital design skills to plan and create intuitive experiences to suit your specific audience. The websites we develop can be viewed perfectly on desktop, tablet or mobile devices to ensure your brand is presented consistently whichever screen your audience is viewing you through. It’s the combination of these skills that will generate measureable results and keep your customers coming back for more.