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Direct Mail

With the dawn of email marketing, many thought direct mail was doomed. However, that early assertion is proving unfounded, and DM is making a comeback. In 2013 direct mail outperformed its digital equivalent by as much as 10p for every £1 spent, making an average across the UK of £3.22 return on investment*.

Puma Hotels regularly enjoy a return on investment in excess of 20:1 from the LeisureBreaks Club direct mail we produce for them every quarter.

Direct mail enjoyed an open rate of more than 92%, with 48% of UK adults taking action after receiving direct mail last year*.

When effectively integrated with other advertising channels, direct mail can help push returns up even further. Using direct mail also allows you to be specific about who you’re targeting to ensure you reduce wastage and reach the right people that are relevant to the products or services you offer.

For 25 years we have delivered effective direct mail that achieves measureable results. We can get involved from the start and follow right through to delivery. Along the way, we’ll develop a strategy that enhances your existing communications while delivering your message creatively and on brand. Our expertise includes identifying and purchasing data lists that accurately target your customers and prospects, based on where they live, their interests, purchasing behaviours and more to keep wastage as low as possible and increase your returns. Combine this with our exceptionally creative design team, and we know you’ll make the right impact, with the right people at the right time.

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