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Brochures & Catalogues


In a time when most things are available online, sometimes it’s just nicer to pick up paper. The reality of holding something physical that’s well designed, informative and promotes trust in the product or service leads many people to take action.

Not everyone enjoys reading on-screen, or has the means to do so comfortably. So, printed brochures or catalogues are still an integral component in successful marketing strategies.

A beautifully designed brochure or catalogue is kept long after initial contact is made, so you remain in easy reach when your prospects need you most, allowing them to make educated choices when purchasing in their own time.

At impact we look into how both you and your prospects will use your brochure, what information is required and how it fits into your overall marketing strategy. Our experienced and talented design team take all this into consideration when developing the look and feel of our clients’ brochures. We maximize the use of available assets and print budgets to create brochures and catalogues that are unique, on-brand and trigger reactions that support and enhance our clients’ marketing objectives.

If you want a brochure that sells your products creatively, informs your prospects of your services and drives them to make an enquiry or a purchase, then there’s more than one way to make an impact – and we’ve got them all covered.