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Harrison’s has been a market leader in the UK’s insolvency sector for over 20 years. In 2013 it wished to revisit their brand, which had changed little in 25 years, as part of a move from being a predominantly regional provider to operating in the lucrative London market.

The brand was to portray Harrison’s as a real player, to coincide with the opening of its prestigious new offices on Shaftesbury Avenue, so would need to stand up well against a long established group of London competitors.


Having researched the London market it became clear that the identity of most of the competition was very institutionalised. We agreed that a more “boutique” logo would convey Harrison’s innovative style and position in the market. We adopted a typographic approach, retaining the subtle adaptations of the longstanding Harrison’s colour so as not to lose 25 years of association, but showing definite progression.

Rather than adapt the old icon device or create a new one, Impact decided to build a device into the typography, introducing the two ‘ticks’ to replace the double ‘r’.

The finished logo led the refreshed identity and was launched across all media over the ensuing three months.


The brand launched to a positive reception and has been developed for a range of marketing materials. It has been an important marketing resource in taking on, and succeeding in, the London market.



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