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New England’s Lane Brochure

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New England’s Lane is a large property located in Belsize Park NW3. Highly graphical map illustrations would be required to explore the potential uses for the building post purchase and if done correctly would help enhance and maximise the potential value of this investment. The brochure was also required to project an upmarket feel and really capitalise on the potential and grandiose of this exclusive suburb.


Our suggestion was to produce the brochure on entirely uncoated paper – an unusual step for a London property brochure. The cover was produced on a heavy duty navy blue colour plan board with mirror effect foil logo to the cover. This gave the effect of a prestigious coffee table brochure for a moderate budget. A two day photo shoot was commissioned to capture, not only the building, but the wealth of character, class and heritage within the area. Considerable attention was paid to three detailed maps conveying potential future uses for the property which had to be extremely clear. Owing to the potential overseas interest in this investment, a website was also required. We designed and developed the site in just five days to enable the investment to launch across multiple platforms at the same time.


The brochure and website raised a greater awareness of the property than had been expected and was very well received by both agent and property owner alike. The property sold for in excess of the proposal.

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