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St John Ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid organisation. 

We were briefed to produce an information pack targeted at key accounts – those which would spend more than £20k annually on their health and safety and first aid training, and also require a greater degree of account support. Naturally these would be larger businesses, so a professional presentation was required. However, it also needed a creative twist to give it standout within the market.


The pack we created was on brand and produced in a very useable format.

From a series of concepts the ‘Strength Through Partnership’ creative theme was chosen as the most appropriate and was to be developed further.

This principally illustrated and linked the benefits of great historical partnerships and the success and results these partnerships delivered. We then linked this directly to the partnership the key account holder could have with St John Ambulance. The entire concept held a strength that matched the brand values of St John Ambulance.


Engaging, clear messaging and professional in its writing and art direction, this material gave excellent support to a dedicated sales team and was hailed as an instant success.

One year on, the material continues to be highly effective in a very important and discerning market.

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