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Insurance company CLS (Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited) already had what many considered the best marketing pack in the market. However, being an innovator, it wanted to break new ground, and asked us to design a complex piece with real stand out, encompassing 14 inserts as well as bespoke presentation material.


Faced with the challenge of creating something better than the best, we knew we had to do something really special.

We needed all our experience in design and print to produce a pack that stood above the competition yet could be easily understood by the target audience. Impact produced a 6pp wallet with multiple finishes (gloss and soft touch laminate), with capacity for a range of 14 stacked and die cut inserts, all neatly closed with an invisible magnetic catch.


The final piece was considered a leap forward from what had gone before, so it was a challenge well met. Totally bespoke, beautiful to look at and exciting to handle, this is the perfect presentation for an insurance company that boasts innovation as a core value.

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