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CLS (Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited) provides market-leading residential and commercial title insurance through its ConveySure® suite of policies.

For 2014 it wished to make a real impact, providing its large national client base with a direct mail piece that was not only relevant and informative, but would also be useful to them.


We came up with the idea of a calendar in the form of a pop-up-house. Mailed in a branded flat envelope, it instantly “pops” into a house shape when pulled out, providing six sides for the calendar and further marketing messages, as well as the most relevant representation of CLS’s industry.

For the creative and design, we decided to continue with the “Our natural strength”  brand campaign developed in 2013, which draws on nature’s ability to provide niche solutions to specific issues: something CLS excels in within its sector.


The calendar has been incredibly well received by CLS’s client base and is turning into a useful tool, staying on desks and providing marketing information for the next 12 months.

CLS has already decided to produce an equally innovative calendar for 2015.

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