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16/18 Beak Street Brochure

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An investment brochure was required for a period building with a superbly modern interior tucked away in Soho, north of Golden Square. The building itself presented photography challenges as it was in quite a narrow street. In addition, the design needed to reflect the classic appeal of the building.


Timing. An ultra expansive wide angle lens and a wealth of experience in photographing central London property, gave us the perfect hero shot for the cover. We created a classic design in black and white, which allowed the photography to add the colour and give the brochure an interesting retro but contemporary look. Well illustrated location maps combined with bespoke aerial photography, positioned the building perfectly and the entire brochure reflected this excellent investment property.


The building sold promptly for the proposed price. The brochure was well received by both agent and property owner and was well regarded in the market.

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