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My first year as a junior front end web developer at Impact

4th August 2016

By Tracey Vince

Looking for your first job as a graduate can be very difficult and daunting. If you find a job that you want to apply for usually they want years of experience or a portfolio of your work which is hard to attain when no-one will give you the chance to get the experience.

Impact gave me that chance. A year ago I was offered a job as a junior front end web developer at Impact. This opportunity has not only given me the chance to gather more experience and confidence, it has given me the first steps on the journey to my dream career.

Most people would think that being a junior you wouldn’t get the chance to show your talents off. Actually its the complete opposite. I’ve been able to show my colleagues what I’ve learnt from education and self teaching, but at the same time they’ve taught me a wealth of expertise directly from the industry, with the chance to develop new skills due to working with clients on live projects.

It is incredible to think about the amount of knowledge and experience I have gained within a year of being appointed. I am provided with an approved design by the design team, it is then my responsibility to build either the website, most often it will be a responsive site with a CMS, or an HTML email, albeit with the support from my superiors. 

If you’d like to see a fully responsive and content managed website I have just built, check out, it gave me the chance to work on a project from start to finish and showcase my skills.

I can’t wait for what the next year may bring in challenges and also the coaching that Impact will provide.

Thank you Impact