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81st in the Design Week Top 100

15th July 2014

By Wayne Hall

Impact’s 9th successful year

As an out of London Agency appearing in the Design Week top 100 is indeed an accolade.

So to appear 9 times out of 9 times entered can be considered an impressive achievement and one well worth celebrating.

So what’s important about this?

Wayne Hall, our Managing Director explains his views on the importance of this to Impact.

“The Design Week Top 100 is not a creative award, which makes it unique in our Industry and therefore much more worth the earning.

“Being a successful agency is not only about being creative, although we do that very well and better than most. It’s about creating an environment and brand that is successful and gets both customers excited and our staff motivated.

“This approach to our business is conducive to both staff and client retention. Having members of your team around for longer means a better understanding of client brands and effective continuity to the work we produce for them.

“Also recognised in this award is our efficiency in income produced to number of people in the team. Within the culture of our company is a desire to perform, or even out perform on our last efforts. This makes us efficient which has a good effect on our income and keeps the company and our clients safer in the future.

“Next year it would be something special to make it the 10th year!

“I’d like to thank our team and everyone associated with Impact for the hard work and passion they have dedicated to our brand this year.”