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The start of our journey to be the best

13th June 2016

By Wayne Hall

Friday was a significant day at Impact with the unveiling of our new “thinking and collaborating” Room.

A simple brief, cleverly executed by our dedicated team, delivered with enthusiasm, on time and on budget. They have designed a room that they want to work in, and where they feel they can conceive their best work for our clients.

To us this is more than just a room however. It’s the starting point of a journey, we as a team, are taking over the next 5 years in our quest to cement our position as one of the South Easts leading agencies.

This room represents Impacts future. From this space we’ll grow outward through the entire agency. In time we’ll look back at this room and remember it as the starting point of our transformation from great to greater.

Well done to our hard working environment team. We were literally blown away by the job you have done and we are looking forward to enjoying this space.