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When is a brand a BIG brand?

10th February 2021

A client surprised me at a recent presentation. Whilst presenting creative concepts she expressed that surely her brand was not big enough to visually look as top-level as we were portraying it. In short, she thought the campaign was “too big” for her brand at that point in time.

Whilst she happily agreed to proceed, this prompted the question, when is your brand ready to look like a big brand, and show the world that it has arrived?

So, what makes a big brand?” There are four main theories including size, turnover, market share and age.

In my opinion it is a little more straightforward than that. To me, what makes a brand big is its integrity. This is a quality that filters throughout everything it does, from the way it thinks right through to the way it delivers its product or service and then supports them. A big brand gets its market to “buy into it” and more importantly “does what it says it’s going to do on the tin”.

And there can be serious issues if a brand is perceived to get it wrong. Just look at the difference in public opinion with BP’s response to the Gulf oil leak to how Apple recovered from controversy over the functionality of its new iPhone.

Apple demonstrated it was a brand of integrity by resolving the issues quickly and with no cost to consumers. Apple showed itself to be a bigger brand.

Of course none of us are as large as these two companies but there is nothing to stop smaller brands in the South East thinking and acting like bigger ones.

In short, you may be new, you may be small, you may not have market share and you may not have turnover in the millions, but by showing integrity you can be a big brand in your sector.

And if you are. Why not look like one?