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Tramadol Cheapest, Order Tramadol Canada

  • Tramadol Cheapest, Order Tramadol Canada

    Managing Director

  • Mark Hargrave-Smith

    Director, Account Director

  • Les Underdown

    Client Services Director


From a young age, Wayne has always been fascinated with British culture and it was this fascination that drove him to leave New Zealand back in 1997 and move to England. It was a bold decision as he was enjoying a successful career working for some of the country's leading brand agencies, but one he has never regretted.

After working for a prominent brand agency in London for 3 years he was tempted away to join Impact in 2000. Within 3 years Wayne became Managing Director and joint owner of the agency with Mark and together they have formed an enduring partnership that continues to drive us forward.

Wayne’s creative background is put to full use leading the agencies strategic thinking, as well as looking after several clients including Butlin's, St John Ambulance, Granta Park, Fulcrum Asset Management, GSP Group, Armourcoat Surface Finishes, CLS, MEPC Leavesden Park and a wide range of commercial investment property professionals.


Mark's experience in producing marketing communication material has been gained over the past 34 years with 24 of those at Impact. He became joint owner of the business with Wayne in 2003.

Mark is driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver outstanding levels of service to each and every client, which he ensures filters through every level of the agency. Infused with passion and enthusiasm, Mark truly excels when managing large projects in challenging time frames. His real and grounded understanding of need for ROI for the vast majority of marketing requirements, backed by many years experience in direct marketing through all channels has also proved a huge asset for many clients.

A valuable asset to any team, as he proves time and again servicing clients such as Silverstone Park, St George PLC, Puma Hotels, Millennium Hotels, iO Adria, Alsford Timber and many more.


Since 1991 Les has been a key individual in the success of Impact and joined the board of directors in 2009.

Today he leads the client services team and ensures we provide a service to our clients that matches his own high standards. Always calm under pressure, his skill and knowledge in planning and implementing a wide range of materials from concept to completion has helped him form strong relationships with a very loyal client base.

Clients such as Marley Plumbing & Drainage, Towergate, Dixons Retail, West Kent Housing Association, Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance and many businesses in the commercial property sector benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

how we work

At create with impact we combine thorough strategic planning, intelligent creative thinking and the highest level of design skill to produce integrated marketing solutions across print and digital media. Our objectives remain the same regardless of the project’s size: to achieve maximum returns on investment for our clients, create great work that we can be proud of, and deliver the highest level of service to every client.

Our years of experience and passion for what we do infuse every project, which is why so many of our clients have worked with us for so long. Their business is our business, after all, and our successes are directly linked.

We welcome opportunities to work with start-ups as well as established corporations to help them grow. Our approach doesn’t change depending on your size or spend; we’re about producing great work that achieves results.

Our news

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There has never been a more important time to get motivated

I know from talking to people in business over the last month that it’s getting harder to stay motivated atTramadol India Online

24 February 2016

Just some of our clients