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Design Week Top 100! 10 times entered 10 times won!

23rd June 2015

By Wayne Hall

I believe consistency is the word you’d think of when explaining why a company has been ranked in the Design Week Top 100 for the 10th time.

It’s normally such a boring word, however, in cases like this we find it very exciting. What makes it even more so is that we can link it directly to our brand.

And I think that for me, as Managing Director, it’s what holds the key to our success. With a few exceptions the team that helped us into our first listing is totally different from the one that has helped us into todays.

And why is that important? Well quite simply it means that whilst we’ve always had a superb group of people working with us over the last decade, each of them has always bought into the most important thing about Impact! Our brand values.

It’s all about a total dedication and commitment to your work, be it providing exceptional client service or second to none creative, that makes you an Impact person. It’s as simple as that.

That alone extols the virtues of what we all totally believe here. That it’s the brand that always holds true and whilst people, clients and even marketing channels may come and go, a truly great brand will always bring all the current elements together and steer them in a consistent direction.

And today I am happy to say, I feel that Impact is a truly great brand.

Well done to all our team past and present.