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Digital Publication Suite

15th April 2014

By Wayne Hall

Impact bring iPad technology and marketing communications together in a simple beautiful package.

There’s no denying that iPads have taken the world by storm. Four years ago no one even knew they needed one, now they are outselling PC’s.

Many businesses are asking what can this new technology do for them? The answer is of course, a great deal to improve how they communicate with their clients as well as how they are perceived by the market.

Whilst most people understand and use APP technology, most don’t understand other communication formats available for the iPad.

The most popular in the future we believe will be DPS (Digital Publishing Suite). Simply put, just think of it as an APP that does not connect to a remote source for information, but contains it all within itself, and you’ve got the idea.

What’s even more surprising is that Impact can give you this entry into the mobile marketing world incredibly cost-effectively.

A superbly sophisticated presentation, incredibly easy to access and update, available anytime, to anyone, through the App store.

Imagine giving your marketing material a prestigious APP Store address.

Presenting existing and future clients with a digital brochure for example, that can contain retina quality imagery, animation, video, sound and complete interactivity for ease of access to information.

Can be viewed portrait and landscape and once downloaded it can be viewed without Internet access.

It can also be updated at anytime and updates are pushed through to your client’s devices as soon as updates are made available.

One client already taking full advantage of DPS is St George plc.

Operating in a global market creating hi-net worth residential apartments, St George are always looking for new initiatives in communicating to their future clients, to make their products look the very best in their market.

When you are operating at this hi-net worth level the quality, as well as the excitement that your material generates for its market is of paramount importance.

In July 2014 we created a fully interactive DPS interactive version of their printed marketing brochure. Whilst the printed version was of the very highest quality in both design and print production it could easily be argued that the DPS brochure has an element of sophistication that printed material now lacks.

The pin sharp imagery and CGI’s, animated floor plans, interactive menu makes discovering the product a completely new experience for the user.

It also allows St George to add details not necessarily economical to place in a brochure as well as links to supporting material.

Combine this with access on demand anywhere in the world, updatability at your fingertips and something completely exclusive in marketing and you’ll begin to see why DPS will be the next “must have” marketing item to promote your business, products and services.

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